YUWA believes youths are active partners in the development process and transforming them into active citizens enabling them in translating their ideas into action. Active Citizenship is one of the three thematic areas of YUWA. It works to empower the youth to become more aware of the issues in the country also aims to make them into active citizens that work to improve their communities and the society as a whole. It focuses on building youth leadership and participation. Within Active Citizenship, we have various initiatives such as Prarambha, Pahichan, YUWA Awashar, and YUWA Manthan.


Prarambha is a three-day non-residential workshop targeted toward urban youths or young people between the ages of 18 and 25. The workshop has a goal of building a common platform for youth innovation and engagement. Through a series of activities, discussions, and games, participants explore, organize, and implement new ideas that ultimately empower and motivate them. As a result, those young cohort form plans and initiate local level interventions within Kathmandu valley based on the need, time, and budget.


One of YUWA's core programs, known as "Pahichan" meaning identification, is a three-day non-residential workshop targeted at semi-rural youths to empower them and foster innovative ideas to address social issues. During the workshop, participants learn necessary soft skills and gain knowledge based on the region's needs or highlighted issues. Furthermore, semi-rural youths develop intervention plans based on design thinking processes and locally available resources. Hence, the semi-rural youths practically experience and implement their learning of the workshop in execution of their plan of action.

Yuwa Manthan

YUWA Manthan is a discussion program where an expert or a resource person is called in to discuss, analyze and advise on the issue. Here, youths gather to discuss the issues affecting them and their surroundings. Generally, a resource person who is emerging in a particular field will be called in and will share their journey of challenges and opportunities with aspiring youths. The main aim behind this discussion program is to provide a learning platform for youth to be encouraged to be a changemaker through the story of the resource person. Furthermore, to help youth build networks and linkages with fellow experts in their areas of interest. 

Khulla Aakash

Khulla Aakash is a unique discussion event; the main idea of which is to share ideas, experiences, perspectives, doubts, knowledge, and recommendations and just about anything that comes in our mind through an informal conversation. It provides a platform to discuss sensitive or controversial topics whereby youth with open mind talks freely about and discuss anything with no judgement or restrictions.

Centre for Youth Studies (CYS)

The Center for Youth Studies (CYS) is a five-day non-residential training course designed to equip young people of aged 18 to 25 with the fundamental knowledge and empower them to make their own decisions, thus helping them become responsible citizens of the nation. Additionally, a secure environment will be provided for dialogue and discussions on civic sense among youth, fostering awareness of their participation in community development, boosts confidence, and encourages sustainable living within their nation.

NDRI Tobacco Control

Tobacco Control Program is a collaborative initiative of YUWA, Kivu International, and National Development and Research Institute (NDRI) to primarily raise young people's awareness of the dangerous aspects of tobacco use through the implementation of various community-level interventions.

Digital Solutions for HealthYET4H

Young Experts: Tech for Health (YET4H) is an independent community of youths that provides advice and guidance to Transform Health, a global coalition focused on utilizing digital innovations to attain universal healthcare of high quality. YUWA, within the YET4H, seeks to employ digital solutions to enhance young people's access to mental health services and information.

YET4H has awarded grants to youth-led/focused organizations in Lower and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) to promote Meaningful Youth participation in Digital Health Interventions and achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). YUWA is one of the organizations that received this grant of a maximum value of CHF 5,000.00. The grant will be implemented for 6 months to support digital health projects that cater to the health needs of young people.