Are My Short Clothes Really Inviting Rape?

Are My Short Clothes Really Inviting Rape? 


- Khushi Adhikari 


It was a fine June morning. I happened to open my eyes as the sun was cascading through the windows. Rubbing my rheumy eyes, I walked to the window, fresh air darted over my face letting me relax. Ahh, what a wonderful summer morning!  


After having breakfast, I started getting ready for my work. My favorite white tee and pink shorts gave me a glamorous pretty look. Adding to it, I combed my hair with a slight makeup. As I stood in front of the mirror, I could capture myself fearlessly bold and confident with a positive attitude. My skin felt much more comfortable today. Those favorite pairs of clothes empowered me, acted as armor, shielding me from negative feelings and expressions. Instantly, someone from behind interrupted me abruptly uttering, " जहिले छोटो लुगा मात्र लगाउँछे। हाम्रो नाक कटाउँछे यसले त।"  


This particular comment stabbed my heart. Some kind of negative energy started to radiate throughout the body. I stood there totally frozen. That same energy halted me to fight back and made me leave quietly. But the level of confidence I possessed a few minutes ago faded away. People were staring at me as if I wore something abnormal. This made me more concerned about my clothes. I started pulling my dress constantly. Sweat swept the entire glow in my face. I rushed to the washroom and again as I stood in front of the mirror, I noticed my attire was revealing my bodily insecurities so evidently. Some body hairs were left to shave. Bare thighs were exposed. Breasts were looking so obvious. The whole getup looked too miniature. 


I sat on my chair but wasn't able to concentrate on the work. My body started shivering. Blaming myself, I regretted wearing that dress. Questions started to revolt. "What if I will be raped today? Who will be responsible? Me? My clothes? Or the rapist?", I asked myself, "Are my clothes really inviting rape?"