Boundary is just more than a line

Boundary is just more than a line 

- Bikash Kumar Sah 

'Boundary', we all have heard about this term but maybe most of us still don't know about its proper importance. Yes, boundary is just a line which marks the limit of an area. Although it sounds like an easy term, it has huge importance if we get to set our boundary.  

It may be confusing to some people like how can we set the boundaries for ourselves and if we got to set, how would I get benefits from this? So, we will know about this in brief in the below paragraph. 

So first of all, all I want to say is boundaries are not set only for cricket and differentiating countries or areas boundaries has it’s own importance for everyone everywhere. Many times, we can see people crossing the limits and behaving or talking in a way which makes us uncomfortable. Sometimes people even unintentionally reach out to hurt us by just making some jokes with our name or something else. It may seem funny for other people around you but not good with you and at that time we want to tell them  "don’t to do this again, I don't feel good" but just not to hurt them, we stay silent and don't restrict them although we feel bullied so here we can see the importance of setting the personal boundaries and let everyone know about this that 'what they are doing with you' is either crossing your boundary or not.  

For example: Kissing your partner in public may be beyond the boundary for someone while it can be so normal for someone. Teasing about body shape may be normal for someone, while some may feel insulted while talking about their body shape. So here we can see boundaries differ from person to person. Something which is normal to you may be so harassing for someone else while something very normal to you can be a very big thing to talk about for others. 

Talking about some importance of setting boundaries for us. It aware us about the limitations we can share with our kinship. Sharing boundaries can be the best way to protect from unintentional bullying from friends or colleagues. Setting boundaries can provide us mental peace. Sharing boundaries with partner can protect from unknown forceful sexual intercourse. It can maintain good relationships within family and friends and the most important one is that you don't have to bear any feelings of being bullied or harassed about anything. 

Things we can learn from this is: 

1. We should set our boundary for our comfort 

2. We should share this with our kinship. 

3. We should respect everyone's boundaries as it differs from person to person.