It's now 7, why aren't you home 

You were raped because of the skirt you wore 

An imperceptible membrane outlines her character 

Advocating for her rights brings a disaster 

All those efforts and nights spent awake for her dream job 

Is crushed by her husband's monthly income 

Favorite shade of color is determined by what's in between our legs 

Choose a car if it's the penis, and a puppet if it's the vulva. 

Observe how our right to freedom is snatched 

From the very moment we were hatched 

We are imprisoned inside a cage 

Pierced with the throne of patriarchy from age 

So much internalized with masculine conquered life 

Every night a drunk man beats his wife 

Helping hands step back saying it's a family affair 

The pain she’s going through, none cared 

How long must we endure suffering and get numb? 

Break this cage, and let's stand for freedom.