"Are you sure we are having sex without a condom, Max?" 

"Emma, my girl, don't you love me?" 

"Yes, but let's use protection. It's for us you know." 

"Sex with a condom isn't pleasurable. Don't you want me to have fun, huh Emma?" 

"Yes, but what if I got pregnant?" 

"Err….. You are so irritating. Now shut up!" 

"But Max…" 


Emma tried her best to convince Max to use a condom, but Max emotionally manipulated her and hardly listened to Emma's broken soul. After a quite long discussion, Emma and Max had unsafe sexual intercourse. Though Max enjoyed it, Emma was not happy at all.  

A few weeks passed. Emma noticed that there was a delay in her menstrual cycle. It was unusual for Emma to miss a period as her cycle was regular. Emma tried to communicate with Max, but Max hardly gave time to Emma. With his doubtful busy schedule, Emma and Max hadn't talked to each other properly for days. Emma is a 19-year-old teen girl and a high school student. She belonged to a moderate-income family living on the outskirts of the city. Emma tried to persuade herself that everything was okay but deep down she was terrified.  

Max's cellphone was busy with Emma. With rising complications in her health, Emma couldn't help herself but run to a medical store to buy a Pregnancy kit. Taking advantage of being home alone on one fine afternoon, she did her pregnancy test shaking in her shoe. Two minutes of waiting seemed like 2 days long for panic-stricken Emma. Now the results were visible, but Emma had no courage to see it. Slowly she opened her eyes. She was scared to death when two lines were visible to her in the kit. For a moment, Emma was almost paralyzed. Her mind just stopped. She was clueless about what to do next. Max was still unreachable. A 19-year-old teen had no idea about her abortion rights and way of accessing the services. Emma locked herself in her room. She even couldn't imagine talking to her parents and neither her friends. There was a rope in her drawer. Having no solution to her problem, the situation forced her to take the rope in her hand. She kept staring at the rope and fan ceiling for a long time. At last, Emma questioned herself, "What did the unborn child do to deserve this?"