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Established in 2009, YUWA is a registered not for profit, purely youth run and led organization working to promote youth participation through empowerment and advocacy. YUWA was born out of a group of committed youths, unofficially working in this sector since 2005. The initial focus was to develop leadership skills of the involved youths, to train as youth activists and to advocate for change, thus resulting into a wide and diverse array of knowledge, skills and experience in this sector. It led to the realization of the seriousness of youth issues and the need to act, which, finally took the shape of YUWA.Since its formal establishment, YUWA has concentrated upon holistic youth issues and is especially working on three thematic issues- Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights,...

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Project CURIeA

Project CURIeA is envisioned as a platform to engage an inclusive cohort of young people in a series of thematic political discussions. Over the course of a 10-Week Fellowship, the members of the cohorts, alongside the Project Coordinator and members of the larger ERI-SID Program, will be engaged in a series of consultative discussions to both gauge and improve on Youth Perception on Politics. The fellowship also aims to generate evidence-based learning on the same and later, produce a narrative reporting with all the qualitative findings, quotes and points of interest raised during the discussions.

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“Youth access” is a project being implemented at Birgunj. It seeks to engage various stakeholders, including young individuals, healthcare providers, community members, and local authorities to enhance the accessibility of information, knowledge, and services related to safe abortion among adolescent and young people.



Right Here Right Now 2 (RHRN2) is a five-year advocacy program and a global strategic partnership. In Nepal, it is a consortium of six like-minded organizations working with YUWA serving as the platform secretariat advocating towards sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people, focusing on Comprehensive Sexuality Education. The RHRN 2 partnership was created so that young people in all their diversity enjoy their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in gender-just societies. Young people are at the forefront of our partnership. RHRN seeks to unleash the power of youth, increase public support for SRHR, improve policies and laws, and strengthen civil society. Lobbying and advocacy is the main strategy supported by mutual capacity strengthening.



Know Your Body is an online website funded by UNFPA and Right Here Right Now Nepal (RHRN), hosted by YUWA, that targets youth above 15 in Nepal to provide information regarding gender, sexuality and pleasure. We aim to create a sex positive, trauma informed digital space. Our website will be an informational hub that strives to create awareness regarding our bodies and encourage behavioral changes among our beneficiaries.


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