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Our Thematic Areas

Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship

”Youth have ideas, promote them”.

Youth are active partners in the development process. Enabling them to translate their ideas into actions is our major task. Emphasizes on the civic awareness and civic issues, thus motivating and facilitating youth to act and take initiations and be informed on the issues of their concern.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

”Youth Health matters, break the barrier”.

We work with youth towards Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights sensitization through grass-root activities and advocacy. Provides awareness and greater involvement of young people in response to the issues related sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the global goals for sustainable development adopted by 193 member countries of United Nations on 2015, which envisions to shape up the world and make the world a better place to live in by 2030. YUWA is also working in awareness and implementation of SDGs solely and also in partnership.

Economic Initiation and innovation

Economic Initiation and innovation

”Self-employment is key to eradicate poverty”.

Promotes youth entrepreneurship and supports upcoming entrepreneurs towards self- sufficiency. We work with youth to foster their economic initiation and promote their innovation to help them become potential entrepreneurs.

Empowering youth
Strengthening involment

Pahichan-Youth Empowerment- Youth Leadership and Data


Pahichan-Youth Empowerment- Youth Leadership and Data


Call for Application

As part of the Youth Empowerment- Youth Leadership and Data Project, YUWA is looking for innovative and energetic youth to be evidence-based leaders of Nepal by empowering them on concepts of youth, their rights, leadership and skills, and the use of open data as evidence for youth-led and data-driven development. The Youth Empowerment- Youth Leadership and Data! The project is designed around the premise that if a network of young data leaders is formed, then these leaders can productively support the government at the local levels to make evidence-based decisions for the welfare of the community through the use of (open) data.  

Project Description

Youth Empowerment- Youth Leadership and Data! with an interactive approach, will focus on empowering youth at the local level about youth leadership and skills while centering on the role and importance of open data in applying the leadership skills in their community. The project aims to address evidence-based decision-making challenges of youths at the local level, in order to fill in the gap between youth and their potential to better understand causality of local issues and find appropriate solutions for them. With Nepal’s new federal structure, informed young leaders at the local level who can use open data to develop and implement community solutions as well as advocate for and support local governments are key.  

Application Process

Each participant will be asked to fill in the application form, and in the application form will be asked to highlight a problem in their community that they as leaders wish to find a solution for. From the pool of candidates, 40 youth will be selected from each of the 3 provinces.  Participants will be selected from diverse backgrounds in terms of education, profession, age, ethnicity, and religion. The participants will be selected from nearby districts to ensure participation transcending geographical areas. Evaluation of the applicants will be based on their written application by a review committee. Youth from a wide range of backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply. Interested youth should fill out the attached form and submit it at the YUWA Office or send as an email to
  • Kindly fill in the online form to enroll in this workshop.
  • The last date for form submission is on 24th July 2018.
  •  Forms are also available at given locale:

  • 1. Butwal: Rotary Club of Butwal (Om Shanti Marg, Butwal)
  • 2. Nepalgunj: a. Cheers Creative Nepal (Pragatinagar, Nepalgunj)
  • b. District Youth Club Network (MP School Road, Nepalgunj)
  • 3. Dadeldhura: Social Unity Youth Club (Bagbazar, Dadeldhura)
  • 4. Dhangadi: Far West Multipurpose Center (Radio Paschim Today, West of Dhangadi, Sub-Metropolitan City)
  • The following are the eligibility requirements:
    • Age 16 to 29 years
    • Nepali Citizen
    • Local youth
    • Above Secondary Education Examination (SEE)
    Project Timeline Being a Youth Champion, he/she will be required to commit to active participation in 3 days of the full residential program and work to implement a community-based plan of action over a period of 5 months (August to December 2018).  The plan will be generated through the workshop, which will be held from:
  • Province 5- Butwal (30th- 1st August 2018) at Hotel Avenue and Nepalgunj (3rd - 5th August 2018 ) at New Hotel Indreni and Restaurant
  • Province 7- Dhangadi (7th- 9th August 2018) at Dev Training and Management Service Center and Dadeldhura (11th -13th August 2018) at Hotel Raino
  • Project Requirements:
    • Participate in the 3 day's workshop on Leadership and Open Data.
    • This workshop will introduce the participants about the development of an evidence-based development plan to be implemented in their community.
    • Participants have to prepare a plan using the knowledge gained from the workshop which has to be implemented within 5 months after the completion of the workshop.
    Come to enroll in this workshop and become a change-maker in your community.


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