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Our Thematic Areas

Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship

Emphasizes on the civic awareness and civic issues, thus motivating and facilitating youth to act and take initiations and be informed on the issues of their concern.



Provides awareness and greater involvement of young people in response to the issues related to AIDS and sexual and reproductive health rights.

Environment Sustainability

Environment Sustainability

Strengthens the youth concern and involvement in the green campaign especially related to climate change, solid waste management and water resources conservation through campaigns and research.

Economic Initiation and innovation

Economic Initiation and innovation

Promotes youth entrepreneurship and supports upcoming entrepreneurs towards self- sufficiency.

Empowering youth
Strengthening involment


Know Us

Know Us

Established in 2009, YUWA is a registered not for profit, purely youth run and led organization working to promote youth participation through empowerment and advocacy.  YUWA was born out of a group of committed youths, unofficially working in this sector since 2005. The initial focus was to develop leadership skills of the involved youths, to train as youth activists and to advocate for change, thus resulting into a wide and diverse array of knowledge, skills and experience in this sector. It led to the realization of the seriousness of youth issues and the need to act, which, finally took the shape of YUWA.

The word “YUWA” has its root in the Nepali language referring youth.  True to its meaning, its executive body of decision makers include youths between the age-group of 16 to 29 only. Since its formal establishment, YUWA has concentrated upon holistic youth issues and is especially working in six thematic issues namely.

  • Active Citizenship
  • HIV, AIDS and SRHR
  • Environment Sustainability
  • Economic Initiation and Innovation
  • Glocal Information Access
  • Sustainable Development Goals

With its strong networking, good leadership and youth friendly environment, YUWA has provided a platform for youth to explore themselves and to discuss and act on global and local issues.


Principle Value

YUWA’s decision-makers include youth between the age group of 16 to 29 only. It is governed and run by youth of the same age. However, it also aims to create youth-adult partnership in several issues. YUWA is committed to working with and for youths regardless of their origin, area, ethnicity, race, religion and political belief. We believe in and maintain “unity in diversity” and “diversity in unity”.



YUWA envisions a situation whereby youth, as indispensable change agents, are valued partners in decision making at all levels.



YUWA intends to fulfil this vision by:

  • Empowering youth to participate in glocal issues and sustainable and intergenerational partnership
  • Advocating for greater youth participation at all levels.



  • To provide common platform for young generation, discourses and innovation.
  • To encourage and facilitate meaningful youth participation in decision making.
  • To promote Y culture symbolizing young people as agents of social change.
  • To recognize and enhance intergenerational partnership at large


Working Sector

YUWA mainly works in six thematic areas Active Citizenship, Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights, Economic Initiation and innovation, Glocal Information access, Environment Sustainability, and Sustainable Development Goals. The working area are guided by their vision to empower youth and strengthen involvement of youth at all decision-making level. YUWA’s work center around advocacy on issues concerning youths. YUWA’s advocacy work focus at grass root level, national level and international level.

YUWA envisions a situation whereby youth, as indispensable change agents, are valued partners in decision making at all levels.

IMOS training of ward 8 - 1 Apr, 2017

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IMOS training of ward 8

Thematic areas

YUWA concentrates our work on six thematic areas, namely Active Citizenship, HIV, AIDS and SRHR, Environment Sustainability, Economic Initiation and Innovation, Glocal Information Access, and Sustainable Development Goals.

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